For Harmony Within

The body is energetic. The energetic shell forms first and then the body forms within the shell. Stresses or blockages in the energy shell affect the health and well being of the body. Energy healing and quantum biofeedback can clear those blocks, balance the energy shell and bring the body into harmony.

Alternatives provides healing services that assist you in achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.  We utilize tools and techniques that relax you, reduce your stress, and correct imbalances in your energy system.  Reducing your stress and balancing your energy flow opens a space within you that allows your body to heal itself.  We work, through coaching, to educate you on how to promote your own healing, take responsibility for your wellness, and make choices that enhance a balanced lifestyle.

A final note:  Energy Healing and Biofeedback are recognized as an alternative healing modalities by the American Holistic Nurses Association